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Path of Grace’s purpose is about providing residential and job-focused opportunities to people with disabilities.

Our mission is to live, stand, receive, and grow by grace while inspiring and encouraging residents and partners to make choices that will foster a grace-filled life with greater independence, dignity, wellness, and opportunities.

We believe in the spirit of community while respecting privacy and independence. Each resident has their private bedroom, a place of their own, while living in a home with other tenants who have chosen Path of Grace to be their home as well. Path of Grace serves as an independent supportive housing opportunity.

Alongside Raising Grace Farms, the organization also serves as a location where other organizations and businesses can collaborate and provide innovative ways to help individuals learn new job skills, establish new interests, and build relationships.

The Mission of Path of Grace

At Path of Grace, our mission and vision are driven by the Deppe family’s story; supported by our our team, board members, and advisory committee; and shared at all of our events.

raising Grace Farm cows

Raising Grace Farms

Also created by the Deppe Family, Raising Grace Farms is essential to many of the opportunities provided at Path of Grace. Caring for the herd’s daily needs including growing “forever grass” from seed to feed provides residents an opportunity to learn life and job skills. Proceeds from the sale of Raising Grace Farm’s grass-fed beef in turn supports Path of Grace’s nonprofit needs.


Faith & Farming

As one walks the road that curves into where Path of Grace meets Raising Grace Farms, there is great comfort and peace in “listening” to our heavenly Father as he speaks through nature and aligns our lives, working with nature’s rhythm.

Spring at the farm brings rebirth and renewal alongside more sun and warmer days. In the heat of the summer, work in the garden and with animals shifts to mornings to enjoy the cool morning air. Relief comes when fall ushers in cooler temperatures and fall colors. In winter, when the demands of the garden are no longer, our work shifts to other tasks yet continues to focus on the agriculture program and the grass-fed cows, pigs, and chickens and other opportunities as they arise.

West Michigan seasons have a wonderful way of providing a comforting pace that creates space for healthy living and opportunities for all sorts of engagement and skill-building.

Located in Wayland, Michigan, it doesn’t matter the season; there tends to be a sense of peace and serenity year-round in the farm setting that cannot be matched.

Daily, and along with the various opportunities on the farm, Path of Grace residents can also choose to take walks through the farm and the countryside, visit the barn and pet animals, and greet and say “hello” to the kind and generous neighbors.

rhythm of farm life

At Path of Grace and Raising Grace Farms, our most important resource is people.

Please consider sharing your time and talents or financial support to sustain and enhance our offerings.

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