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The Path of
Grace Story

The story of how Path of Grace came to be started with one loving family’s desire to create an opportunity for their child and others like him to live a full and rewarding life.


It was shortly after Bob and Caroline Deppe adopted their son Brian that God began birthing the vision of Path of Grace. They realized that Brian would need care, oversight, and support throughout his life. In addition to some sort of supportive living, the Deppes also knew they wanted their son to live a life that was purposeful and God-pleasing.


the Deppe family all together

As they watched their son grow and become a loving and helpful teenager, they witnessed his love and care for animals and his friends at school and in the community. Brian loved serving and working alongside others.

His heart was huge, and his desire to belong and to have fellowship was evident; Brian was establishing the sense of finding joy and purpose. It was then, that the vision of Path of Grace became clear. God had begun the fine-tuning of not only what a future would look like for Brian, but his friends as well.

Days and months turned into years, and then God’s timing became even clearer. Brian’s home and the future home for others like Brian was directly out their front door. It was the family’s actual address, their home, and their farm.

Through the power of faith and the support of the Deppe’s nine amazing children, their spouses, their grandchildren, and extended family members, Path of Grace, Inc. was created as a ministry and a nonprofit organization providing independent housing opportunities with support to individuals with disabilities.

Today, in addition to supportive living, Path of Grace and the Deppe’s farm, Raising Grace Farms, offer a multifunctional view of agriculture and provide opportunities for residents and community members to seek employment, learn new skills, engage in the community, volunteer, and find faith-based offerings through community partnerships and relationships.


One of Brian Deppe’s favorite things to do is to grab his favorite soft drink, pour it into his “red solo cup” and have a party! The Deppe family invites you to visit Path of Grace. Their arms are wide open and all are welcome here!

red plastic cup

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