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Path of Grace is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. In addition to being an investment in the lives of those that we serve, every financial gift to Path of Grace is also tax deductible.

Your financial support enables Path of Grace to provide affordable, supportive housing and opportunities for further growth and development, employment, community engagement, and a purposeful life.

Meaningful Contributions

Your financial support would be a beautiful example of your understanding and commitment to Path of Grace’s mission. With limited housing, minimal funding, and lack of opportunities available for individuals with disabilities, your partnership would serve as an anchor of support and change.

Your kindness would promote a purposeful life for individuals with disabilities to live safely and independently with support while gaining vocational skills, employment, and opportunities for community engagement.

Your support would bring opportunity, joy, and purpose to the individuals we serve.

Thank you for your consideration.


Opportunities for Giving

For those who feel called to donate to Path of Grace, there are are a variety of giving options.


Monthly “Sustaining Member” Donors

These donors are the pinnacle of loyalty and the backbone of the financial stability for a nonprofit like Path of Grace. These friends and partners help turn on the lights and keep our homes safe and comfortable in all seasons.

Annual “Champion” Donors

Providing support and hope, annual donors are significant champions of Path of Grace. We count on these donors for their support and investment in our ongoing mission.

Estate Planning

The stakeholders who choose to name Path of Grace as a benefactor in their estate planning leave a legacy of grace and love in remembrance of a life well lived. These gifts are anchored in their friendship, belief, and passion for Path of Grace’s mission and an enduring dedication to continue our efforts to serve with quality, dignity, and care.

In Kind Gifts & Donations

A beautiful opportunity for friends of Path of Grace to provide goods or services to the organizations. Examples include goods like food, paper products, furniture, equipment, and materials. Performance of services, such as installing equipment or building a structure, offering administrative support, and providing space may be counted as in-kind gifts as well.


All contributions to Path of Grace influences the direct heart of our homes, providing items and services which make the quality of our mission and services stronger.


Are you called to support Path of Grace?

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